It has never been easier to produce and sell pamphlets. If they are informative enough, they will get people’s attention.

Writing pamphlets is almost the same as writing a newsletter except that instead of being subscription or advertising supported, a pamphlet is sold outright usually for about $4 or $5.

The format is different too. While a newsletter is one to eight pages in length in an 8.5″ x 11″ format, the pamphlet is about 20 pages in length after folding 10-8.5″ x 11″ sheets of paper in half and binding them into a booklet form.

Anything can be the subject of a pamphlet. If you know something about something, write it in a pamphlet.

If you know a little or a lot about dogs, you can write for men and women of all ages interested in all phases of dog ownership. Maybe you only know about a certain breed of dogs. Write about all aspects of a certain dog breed.

If you know a little or a lot about brides, you can write about relationships, sexuality, fitness, wedding planning, psychology, finance, travel, beauty, fashion, and home design.

If you know a little or a lot about women’s interests, you can write about beauty, fashion, fitness, career, relationships, personal growth, nutrition, food, home, lifestyle, child care, social issues and psychology.

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