Outdoor advertising is perfect for capturing an audience. Whether driving or simply walking, a billboard holding a catchy advert will always attract attention. Billboard ads become interesting diversions when sitting in your car stuck in a stream of slow moving traffic. The more creative they are, then greater is their impression with the quick insight into a product on promotion.

There are no boundaries for their artistic d├ęcor. Some are flat ads while others offer 3D billboards with attention grabbing objects looking as though they are about to jump out at you! These are definitely the easy spotters; with the reality look achieved by using two billboards, joined for the creation of a 3D optical illusion.

The art of colour and limited wording

Colour and the use of only a few large words play a big role in good eye-catching billboards. Even though you do not always remember billboard ads, they do make a quick impression on you while travelling. Billboards positioned prominently along highways provide for speed-reading. Often they are erected on the walls of buildings as an alternative way of targeting audiences.


Billboard prices become an affordable way of directing significant attention to your product 24 hours a day. Budgeting for billboards varies and depends mainly on the size of the board and the materials and colour content needed for your particular marketing campaign.

Noticeable mobile billboards

Mobile billboards are methods of creative static advertising seen on the sides and backs of customized large trucks and on smaller vans. Using mobile billboard advertising proves an inexpensive asset for any form of business. However, some trucks used for goods deliveries often spend lengthy time loading and offloading. However, these mobile billboards then create a lesser impression although possibly costing less to set up.

The vans used by vendors for the sale of fast food are sometimes equipped with demanding sound systems and illuminated lighting attached to the mobile billboard as an added attraction. This is a dual affect designed to gain quick and beneficial exposure as it encourages passing pedestrian traffic to stop and buy! The advertising with a mobile billboard is referred to as ‘outdoor mobile advertising’.

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